Saturday, March 4, 2017


I arrived to Italy on 21 Feb 2017. It was a long plane ride, but who is to say that traveling across the ocean is any easy feat? One of my co-worker's and her husband came to pick met up from the air port. We were all the way in Venice and had to drive to Aviano (which is not all that far I suppose). It was an interesting drive with lots of roundabouts. Europe favors roundabouts more than the states where we like to have our stop signs. I prefer the roundabouts because you don't have to stop (unless you have to yield to another car in the roundabout) which saves gas and it makes you super dizzy (which is the not so great part in reality). They brought me to the hotel on base then proceeded to take me out to eat. I was really hungry by this time; my circadian clock was not in sync with the time in Italy. We went to an Italian restaurant that was build out of a hotel.
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First Pizza Box from Italy
We were served fresh complimentary bread which was the best bread I had in forever. We had olive oil and vinaigrette to dip the bread in. I ordered a pizza because, well, I was in Italy! It was the best flat pizza ever! I just had plain cheese with artichoke on it. We also ordered water and tonic/sparkling water (which they call frizzante in Italy). In America, water is usually free and served with ice. In Italy and most European countries the water is not free and does not have ice. America is odd in a way because they always want to drink cold water...I prefer warm water, so not having ice is an issue for me. As for the frizzante, I cannot get enough of it! I wish tonic/sparkling water was more popular in the USA. My co-worker brought me to my new work location and introduced me to everyone. I met so many people and saw so many faces; I hope to learn everyone's name in time because I am terrible with names! Eventually I went to my hotel room where I would be temporarily living until I found a home (in the future). I was just happy that I made it in one piece to Italy.

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