Saturday, March 25, 2017

Broken computer/05 Apr 17

One of the things that you should never do it put a water bottle in the same bag as a computer, which I did. I learned the lesson the hard way and now my laptop has liquid damage to the screen. I had someone in the states fixing it, however, it has been about 2 months because they accidentally ordered the wrong part three times then when the correct part came it they accidently broke it while trying to replace it on my computer. Its strange being without a computer and I realize now how much I used it. I waited until the afternoon to call them again (due to the time difference) and they are going to give me a new labtop that is a similar model but newer for the same price I would have paid to get my broken computer repaired. They offered me this option since it has been such a long time. I decided to go with that option since I have little hope that my old computer will be able to be repaired. In the end it is probably a better deal for me since I get a new computer and get to have my memory/data transfered from my broken labtop. Bad situations can lead to better ones.

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