Thursday, March 23, 2017

Contracts and headaches/22 Mar 2017

Getting internet in Italy is a headache…I went on base to the BX to talk with an agent to get service through TIM (a phone/internet company in Italy). He wanted to charge 260 euros which included a router and to have it installed. I would have to pay 30 euros per month for a year then 40 euros per month for next year. I talked with my co-workers about it and they said the price was normal…I went back the next day and signed the contract. I scheduled an appointment to have the router installed but the agent kept telling me it was not a set appointment and it looked like I would have to reschedule the appointment. I talked with other people and they had similar issues. It took about 2 months for one person to get internet installed because the laborers either did not show up to the appointment or cancelled the appointment and rescheduled. I didn’t like that I had to pay a huge fee up front and was not guaranteed a date for having a router installed. My other co-worker suggested I talk with a guy named Joe who could do the job for me with less of a headache. The price was a lot cheaper for installation, only 95 euros! I felt as though I was being ripped off by the other agent and went to cancel the contract. The agent said he could cancel the contract with no fees attached since I made no payments. I later wished I would have taken the contract from him because I had my signature on that contract. My fear is that he will later contact me to charge me cancelation fees. I will have to go back and talk with him again. So for now I have no internet in my apartment and do not expect to get it anytime soon. 

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