Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cultural tour

I was scheduled to go to the cultural tour on Friday. I was looking forward to getting off base for a while and explore the surrounding areas. The day was overcast but nothing could damper my mood. We drove to an old catholic church and looked around inside.
L’image contient peut-être : ciel et plein airL’image contient peut-être : nuit, bougies, feu et intérieurL’image contient peut-être : table et intérieur
L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, sourit, lunettes, intérieur et gros planEurope has a long history with many old structures. Then we walked over to the market. My friend and I stopped at one of the venders to buy some food. An older women waiting in line started talking to me (maybe to make conversation). I could do nothing but nod my head. I didn't know Italian and did not understand one word. She kept talking to me and I wished so badly that I knew what she was saying! In the end we split ways and I managed to murmur a quiet "ciao" and waved goodbye. I put it in my mind to learn some of the basic words and phrases in Italian. Anyone going to another country should learn at least the basics of the language since it is their home and their country. Our next stop was a chocolate shop in Pordenone. I was blown away by all the chocolate statues and treats. I must have walked out of there with a pound of chocolate. 
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Chocolate shoe
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favorite wine from wine tasting
It was nearing lunch time and the group settled down at one of the local restaurants to eat. Once our bellies were full we drove to a winery. We learned the process of making wine and had the change to taste test some of the wines the owner produced. My favorite was one of the reds (I always have been a fan of red wine vs others). The trip back home was quick and I was back in my hotel room before I knew it. I could say that this was my first adventure in Italy and it was fantastic. 

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