Thursday, March 23, 2017

Driveway Challenge/21 Mar 2017

My garage is underneath the apartment building so in order to get in and out of the parking area I have to drive on a steep slope to enter and exit. Getting into the garage is not a big deal; driving out is like having a heart attack. I drive a manual car which to those with experience is not a difficult task. I have been driving a manual for a couple months and even though I am confident in my skill I still have moments when I stall the car. Getting up that ramp was like wrestling an alligator. I would get up half way then the car would roll back down. I had to play with the gears and the E break a couple of times before I finally figured it out. I was afraid to rev the engine before hitting the clutch at first but after doing it a couple times I was not scared. My neighbor watched me go through this trial and I am pretty sure he was thinking I was crazy driving up and down this ramp. I’m just happy I can make it out of the garage alive. 

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