Thursday, March 23, 2017

First night at new home/20 Feb 2017

Instead of being at work by 0800, I had to drive to my apartment because my dryer machine was going to be dropped off. It was my last night at the hotel last night and I collected all my belongings and put it in my car. I checked out of the hotel and drove right over to my new home. This was the first time I was in the apartment by myself and I started to feel giddy. I never lived in an apartment by myself before. I have spent the past 3 years living in dorms. A truck pulled up in front of the apartment building a couple hours later and I lead them to the closet where the washer machine was (my landlord provided the washer). The dryer machine was a few inches too big for the closet…they suggested moving it into the bathroom and as they were making their way into my apartment I stopped them. Having the dryer machine, in my opinion, would be odd to have in the bathroom…so instead they brought it down into the garage which sat underneath the apartment building. Once it was all set up I went to work. I was still trying to get spun up at the hospital, but I was catching on quick. The workday ended before I knew it. I hurried to the gym to make it to jiu jitsu at 1730. Boxing was after jiu jitsu and I typically get done by 2000. I took a shower at the gym and drove home in the dark. A soccer game was in session as I drove up to my apartment next to the field. I watched for a couple minutes then headed inside. My stomach was growling so I ate some of the fruit in the center of the table. My landlord gave me a bowl full of assorted fruits, white wine, soda, etc (which was super nice of them). I decided to try to use the washer machine since I needed to wash my Gi and workout clothes. I walked away and came back to find out the machine stopped and the light wash flashing that it paused. I turned it back on then left and returned and the same thing happened, over and over again. The words on the machine were in Italian so I could not understand completely what it said. The clock read 2300 by the time I gave up and headed to bed. It was really cold in my room and I turned up the heat...but it never got warmer. I ended up going to sleep bundled in a jacket and layers of warm clothes. It felt like I was sleeping in the Antarctica! It was not a super smooth transition for the first night at the apartment. Hopefully I will be able to recover the clothes stuck in the washer and figure out how to get heat....even though the first night was not the smoothest transition I was still thankful that I had a roof over my head and that I had the opportunity to live in such a beautiful apartment.

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