Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunday out to lunch/19 Mar 2017

Open mat for jiu jitsu is every Sunday at 1000. I had some time beforehand to do some stretching and ate a small breakfast. I even wrote in my blog a bit. I'm an early riser so I get a lot done in the morning. Once I got to the gym I walked up to the second floor to the matted room (the walls and floors have mats on them). I did a short warm up then open mat began. Some of the people showed me new techniques. Sometimes the techniques work for me and sometimes they do not. Certain techniques for better for others depending on the length of their limps, strength, agility, etc. Open mat lasted for about an hour and a half then I headed out to meet with my friend Miho who I met while I was stationed in Japan. I invited her to eat out with the jiu jitsu people but by the time we got there they were done eating. We still decided to stay anyway since they served breakfast. Not many restaurants in Italy are open on Sunday so options are limited. Unfortunately, it was quite busy and it took 40 minutes for them to cook our french toast. I was starving! I pretty much golfed down my food once it was served. It was almost 1400 and I had to hurry to get to the movie theater on base. The med group reserved the theater so that we could see Beauty and the Beast. It was only $10 which included a drink, popcorn, and a hot dog. I walked through the doors as the opening credits were playing. The movie was pretty good and it brought back good memories. To this day I still enjoy watching the original Disney films. I went back to my hotel room and though about how this would be my last night in the hotel. I could not wait to start living off base in my new apartment. It truly was a day well spent.

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