Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Washer machine translation/21 Mar 2017

I did not understand exactly what the words on my washer machine were so I google translated it. They have a lot of different options!!

Scarico acqua: drain water
Centrifuga breve: short spin
Centrifuga: spin
Risciacquo and Centriguge: rinse and spin
Lingerie 30: lingerie
Lavaggio a mano 40: hand wash
Lana a freddo: cool wash
Lana 40: wool
Rapido 30: fast
Sintetici: synthetic
Delicate: delicates
Cancels: annula
Avvio: startup
riduzione centrifuga 500 giri: Reducing spin 500 laps
risciacquo intensive:  rinse intensive
pulizia filtro: filter cleaning
ingresso acqua:wanter inlet (entrance)
pre-lavaggio: prewash
lavaggio: wash
risciacquo: rinsing
anti piega: crease
 centrifuga scarico: centrigual exhaust
aparture porta: door openings


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